Describing the training designed by Cynthia Petrigh for the EUTM in Mali and which was used to train more than 3,000 troops so far, this manual explains the methodology developed specifically for the Malian troops, based on the applicable law, the pattern of abuse and the audience profile. It features drills, scenario exercises, lectures, evaluation forms as well as photos illustrating the correct conduct of operations.

The manual can be downloaded. Beyond pecae, who holds the copyright, is happy to share this tool free of charge provided the author is given due credit. We also would appreciate receiveing feedback. In case armed forces or other organisations intend to use this training manual in another context, it is highly advised to conduct a context assessment (type of conflict, applicable law, pattern of abuse, audience, available resources) in order to adapt this methodology to other audience. Beyond peace is available to advise on all these aspects.


According to former Koulikouro Training Camp Commander, Colonel Testart : « I commend you for the quality and thoroughness of this manual. 
This is a beautiful achievement which will mark this particular field [of training combatants] where so far theory was dominating at the detriment of practice. I am convinced the approach we developed at KTC to be innovative, tailor-made and appropriate to the needs. This success does justice to the unfailing efforts of Beyond peace. »

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The manual features example of lectures, drills and methodology tips in order to train the  troops on how to react to challenges they might face upon deployment to the conflict area.