Working for 20 years for peace and justice

Policy advice to governments and insurgent groups -Groups of friends – Human rights and IHL training – Fact-finding and monitoring

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working around the world

We have experience in:
●Mali, Algeria, Morocco, Congo (Brazzaville), Guinea Conakry, South Africa
●Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand
●Bosnia, Denmark, France, Germany, Macedonia, Spain, ●Switzerland, UK
● Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Syria, Yemen
●NY, Geneva


We conduct:
●fact-finding and monitoring missions
●ceasefire monitoring
●documentation of human rights and IHL violations
●assessment of refugees and IDP’s humanitarian and protection needs
●protection by presence
●legal laid and rehabilitation for refugees and victims of torture


We provide training in :
●human rights law and international humanitarian law (IHL)
●refugees and displacement
●gender and peacekeeping
●documenting human rights violations
●humanitarian access
We train :
government officials, armed forces, insurgent groups and humanitarian professionals

Policy advice

We provide policy advice on :
●public participation in peace processes
●peace process support strategies
●gender (gender and displacement ; gender and peacekeeping)
●human rights and IHL compliance
●security sector reform
●ceasefire and peace negotiations

No country has reached what Johann Galtung calls « positive peace » . Peace is a long-term objective for any society. A number of steps and actions can however help us move towards higher levels of justice, of enjoyment of rights -towards inclusive and positive peace.