Beyond peace was invited by the Central African Ministry of Defense and the EU training mission in CAR (EUTM) to contribute to the training of 60 former combatants who will be integrated in the armed forces as well as their 10 FACA supervisors, in the context of the Disarmament, Demobilisation, Rehabilitation and Repatriation (DDRR) pilot.

A class with the 10 Officers and NCOs who will be supervising the former Non-State Armed Groups combatants, focusing on leadership, command responsability and respect for IHL

In addition to the DDRR pilot, Beyond peace is continuing its training activities for the 1st Battalion (3rd Company and Fire support platoons) soldiers, NCOs and Officers and for selected Officers and Officers of other units.

Photo: A Lieutenant participating in the Leadership Seminar for Young Lieutenants demonstrating how his platoons will perform a tactical operation respecting IHL.


Photo: The 43 Young Lieutenants on their graduation ceremony

With the NCOS participating in the special training for future platoon Commanders

In November, Beyond peace will start implementing Train the Trainers activities in order to build the training capacities of the FACA on IHL.